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Pennie Diamond Quintana actor, producer, writer
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Written & Directed by Michael J. Weithorn 


I am so jazzed to have a sweet role in this stunning, powerful & moving film.  It was an honor to work with such a fine cast and crew on this movie. 

It's truly "Art That Transforms Humanity."


Be sure to add it to your "must see" list!

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Pennie I have just finished listening to your recordings of these classics. You have taken this work and brought them to life with your voice. This was a real treat. What you have done makes it so much easier to study and apply. Bravo!

 - Brian Proctor, Author of My Father Knew the Secret 

Working with these powerful pieces of text repeatedly and daily has offered me a greater understanding and awareness of my place in the world and how best to express this.  

– Cynthia Kersey

Best-Selling Author of Unstoppable, Founder & CEO, Unstoppable Foundation 

The Serenity chapter has had a profound positive impact on my business and personal life. When faced with a challenging situation I often recite parts of it to myself which quickly re-focuses my mind for high-performance.  Serenity has become an invaluable tool I use often to instantly access the mental, emotional, and spiritual resources I need to consistently perform at high levels in business and at home.  This recording makes it even easier and more convenient to use.  Thank you Pennie for providing such a simple and powerful tool for us all!" 

- Bob Quintana, Entrepreneur. High-Performance Specialist/Advisor.  Author.  

Picture: with my mentor, Bob Proctor


It was such an honor to be asked to make this commercial for RenuVite. My family has personally benefited from great health because of Altea Health Sciences. We've been taking them forever!

Pennie Diamond Quintana (Pennie-Actor)


The first product I reach for in dogs with any type of inflammation is the natural product, RenuVite. I’ve seen dramatic results in hundreds of dogs. Clients tell us their dogs are moving better and have more energy in a very short period of time.

Dr. Kim Lamb Holistic Vet Care, Plymouth NH

Come see...



We took a trip to Borneo where we got to experience the orangutans in a wildlife sanctuary.

According to World, the northwest Bornean orangutan is  the most threatened subspecies.  Its habitat has been seriously affected by logging and hunting, and a mere 1,500 individuals or so remain. Many habitat patches in the area are small and fragmented.


Special thanks to Jack Giarraputo And for making this extraordinary video.

If you ever have the opportunity, go visit.


See our trip here...

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