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Pennie Diamond Quintana Actor Writer Producer of Art that Transforms Humanity

As an Actor, I am intuitive and joyful. I help directors convey stories that celebrate the full human experience.


As a Producer, I love projects that inform us, transform us, help us grow, and raise our consciousness.

As a Writer, I am most interested in narratives of leadership, courageousness, and bravery.  I am fascinated by how a person learned to be, do and express those qualities in the face of great adversity.  

My Mama passed on her love of the arts to me, and that great gift allowed me to discover what jazzed me most in the world. As my Master Teacher, Michael Howard would say, “Great art changes you.”

​I love dogs and travel, and I always bring harmony and peace wherever I go!

​My honey and I get great joy participating in various charitable organizations like: The Unstoppable Foundation, Projects With Care, our local Food bank, and  our local Animal Shelter. 



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