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Want better results in your life? More love, more money , a feeling of inner calmness - regardless of what’s going on? All of us benefit from freshening up our tool box. Here’s an easy way. Purchase a title that speaks to you, and put the audios and videos on all your devices so they're easy to access. Listen daily with full presence, and even print the text to read it. Do this every day for 30 days.  This is "Art that Can Transform Your Life!"

Thank you Pennie for sharing these recordings.  The message in these writings have been instrumental in my personal and professional development.  My understanding of the world around me, both seen and unseen have expanded as a result of these deep and powerful insights. 

John Boggs, Co-Founder and CEO, Brave Thinking Institute

I have studied Troward’s work for years, and Pennie’s audio treatment of these amazing writings adds richness and texture that dramatically enhances the accessibility to what can sometimes be pretty dense material. I absolutely applaud the quality of the recordings as well as the integrity Pennie brings to faithfully capturing Troward’s “voice.” Blaine Bartlett, Best-Selling Author of Compassionate Capitalism: A Journey to the Soul of Business 

I believe studying and applying the wisdom in these writings will help people achieve great results in life and career.  You can achieve whatever you can conceive.  Pennie can help you get it done. 

Phillip B. Goldfine, Motion Picture, Television & Broadway Producer

Neville Goddard

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